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Welcome to Indiana Convention Center
Food & Beverage Sampling

Centerplate has exclusive food and beverage rights within the Indiana Convention Center. The following guidelines have been established to allow for the distribution of sampled food and beverage items.

  1. Centerplate retains the exclusive right for booth catering.
  2. Centerplate understands that certain conventions have as their primary purpose, the preparation and consumption of food and beverage. Exhibitors at private conventions relating to food and beverage may sample food and beverage within the confines of their booth.
  3. Exhibitors may sample foods under the following guidelines and or charges.
    • Centerplate maintains the exclusive rights to all food and beverage sampled within the convention center and will determine the types of food and the maximum number of booths available for sampling within space held at the convention center.
    • A sampling charge may be imposed to offset lost food and beverage sales.
    • An "Authorization Request for Sample Food and Beverage Distribution" form must be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event.
    • A signed copy of the authorization form must be present in the show management office and the exhibitor's booth at all times.
    • Items dispensed are limited to products manufactured, processed or marketed by the exhibiting firm and must be related to the theme of the show.
    • All items are limited to SAMPLE SIZE of two ounces or less.
    • The applicant acknowledges they have the sole responsibility for use, serving or other disposition of such items in compliance with all applicable laws, Indiana state law prohibits the sampling and distribution of any alcoholic beverage.
    • Applicant agrees to indemnify and forever hold harmless Centerplate, ICCLOS, and the CIB.
    • Show Management and applicant are responsible for securing all applicable City and State permits for the distribution of sampling items including applicable;
      Marion County Health Department Permit Applications_2013022110314255368548.pdf
    • Standard fees for storage, handling, delivery, etc. will be charged where applicable.
    • Food and beverage items used as traffic promoters (i.e. coffee, popcorn, sodas, bar services, ice, etc.) MUST be purchased from Centerplate.

Exhibitor Food & Beverage Sampling Request

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