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Welcome to Denver Performing Arts Complex

Welcome To Your Next Great Event


Planning For Perfection

Thank you for selecting the Denver Performing Arts Complex and Centerplate to host your event.  The Performing Arts Complex is comprised of Boettcher Concert Hall, the Pavilion, Buell Theater and the Auditorium Theater.



Centerplate is the exclusive Caterer for the Colorado Convention Center and the preferred Caterer for the Denver Performing Arts Complex.  We offer special event consulting and custom catering for all types of events.


Please note that no food or beverages of any kind may be brought into the Denver Performing Arts Complex by the event organizers, their guests or other invitees.  Additionally, the State of Colorado’s Health, Liquor and Insurance Regulations prohibit any leftover food or beverages to be taken from the premises (with the only exception being food or beverages donated to a charity or their agents).  Contact your food and beverage representative for more information.


Centerplate offers a complete selection of beverages to compliment your function.  The State of Colorado Liquor Laws regulates alcoholic beverages and services.  Centerplate is responsible for the administration of these regulations for the Denver Performing Arts Complex.  Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the facility for sampling or consumption, except as noted below.  We reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to intoxicated or under-age persons.  Guests must be able to show proper photo identification, upon request, when ordering or consuming alcoholic beverages.  Alcoholic beverages may not be removed from the premises.



Your knowledgeable food and beverage representative is eager to assist you with your event planning and menu selection, and to answer any questions or concerns.  Even though our menus offer a wide variety from which to choose, your food and beverage representative—together with our executive chef—will be happy to create custom menus to suit your special occasion.



In order to execute your event, a signed copy of the Event Orders and Banquet Contract must be returned to Centerplate.  The signed contract with its stated terms constitutes the entire agreement between the client and Centerplate.



Prices, along with menus, are often provided well in advance of an event.  Due to fluctuating market prices, our menu prices are subject to change.  Centerplate will gladly lock in and guarantee menu selection pricing within 90 days of your first catered event with a signed contract, signed event orders and a deposit per our stated deposit policy.  Function quotations will also be subject to change until the event is locked-in by receipt of signed contract, signed event orders and a deposit per our stated deposit policy.  Please note that we require a minimum of 5 working business days in advance of the deadline to complete all of the necessary paperwork. Pricing for banquet meals are based on round tables of 10.  A 20% service charge and applicable sales tax will be applied to all food and beverage sales.  If the customer is a tax-exempt organization, Centerplate requires a copy of both a Colorado Tax Exempt Certificate and a City and County of Denver Tax Exempt Certificate with your signed Banquet Contract.  If the certificates are not received, prior to invoicing, taxes will be collected on all invoices.



An estimated number of guests are required at the initial event booking.  Centerplate must be notified of the exact number of guests at least 72 business hours prior to the function.  This will be considered the guarantee for which the Customer will be charged even if fewer guests attend.  For functions of 2500 and above the guarantee is due at least 120 business hours prior to your function. Centerplate will be prepared to serve 5% above the guarantee to a maximum of 30 persons.  If the guarantee is not received as stated, Centerplate will charge for the number of persons specified on the applicable Banquet Event Orders. The guarantee is not subject to a reduction after the 72/120-hour deadline.  Centerplate will make every reasonable effort to accommodate numbers that increase after a guarantee is given, but may be constrained by last minute availability of product and labor.  Increases in attendance given after the final guarantee deadline will be subject to an additional 25% fee. The same additional 25% fee will also apply to all individual catered functions added after the guarantee period.



A deposit of seventy-five percent (75%) of the total contract value will be required thirty (30) days in advance of the first function.  The final twenty-five percent (25%) remaining balance due shall be paid in full seventy-two (72) business hours prior to the start of the function. A completed credit card authorization form must be provided by the Customer as a guarantee of payment for services rendered.  A photocopy of the front and back of the credit card must also be included for verification.  Master Card, VISA and American Express are gladly accepted for total charges up to ten-thousand ($10,000) dollars.   Charges over ten-thousand dollars can only be processed with American Express.  A three percent (3%) service charge will be assessed to the charged amounts. 



A charge will be assessed for cancellation of contracted services within 15 days of an event.  The charge will be calculated to cover material and labor costs (including administrative) incurred by Centerplate.  Any event canceled within seventy-two (72) hours prior to the event requires payment in full for the estimated revenue based on the menu and event arrangements.



Centerplate is the sole holder of liquor licenses for the Colorado Convention Center and the Denver Performing Arts Complex.  We retain the exclusive right and responsibility to provide and control the issue of any alcohol throughout the facilities and to retain revenues from alcoholic beverage services.  The only alcoholic product that may be brought into the facilities outside of that which Centerplate provides is that which is donated to a registered non-profit organization and that which is used for sampling by a company who normally produces or sells the product.  The provision of such product must strictly adhere to state liquor laws and the policies of Centerplate.  All other alcohol must be purchased through arrangements with Centerplate who has an excellent variety of standard wines and spirits normally available.  We are always happy to work with clients to acquire other specific items as desired. 


Alcoholic beverages may be donated for an event or for sampling, provided the donation is to a registered nonprofit organization and written notice is submitted to Centerplate from the distributor/donor at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.  The distributor/donor must state the selections, number of cases, and delivery arrangements.  Labor fees, listed below, and the “laid-in” cost of delivery by a licensed Colorado wholesaler will be applicable for all opened or unopened bottles.  Labor fees are subject to a 20% service charge.  We do not assume responsibility for spoilage, uncorked bottles not consumed, or any bottles left on the premises after the event. 


All liquor must be delivered and removed from the premises by a licensed Colorado wholesaler that provides Centerplate with an invoice priced for no less than their “laid in” cost.


Beer $100.00 for each keg, $1.00 for each bottle of beer

Wine $10.00 per 750 ml bottle of wine

Liquor $25.00 per 500 ml of distilled spirits


These fees apply to all donated and sampling product delivered and invoiced whether used or unused. Centerplate staff must dispense all alcoholic beverages served or sampled within our facilities.  The fee for staff necessary to dispense product will be determined by an hourly, per person rate of $19.00 an hour. Contact your Catering Sales Representative for more information on labor fees and to make the necessary arrangements.

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