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Welcome to Yakima Convention Center
Welcome to Yakima, a world-renowned destination for food, wine, and free-spirited fun where the natural beauty and entertainment options are matched only by the warmth and energy of an exciting community.
Centerplate is the world’s leading event hospitality company, and we are thrilledto be your exclusive hospitality partner at the Yakima Convention Center.Our style is collaborative, and our Yakima team is delighted to work with you to ensure your experience here in this special location is smooth, successful, and enjoyable. We are committed to delivering the finest food, amenities, and serviceto both impress your guests and complement your company’s goals and reputation.
Much of our success comes from our attention to the important details that create truly welcoming experiences. From fresh, locally-sourced, and quality ingredients to crisp, sincere, and attentive service, our goal is to provide world-class hospitality for every one of our guests. Please review our wine list which features ten local Yakima Valley wines that will enhance your dining experience.
Whatever your needs, whether hosting attendee receptions, supplying convenient meals for your booth staff, or creating custom menus for unique occasions, we are dedicated to helping you achieve extraordinary results. Please give us a call to start the planning process today!
Here’s to your successful event in Yakima,
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